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How to Register a Car in South Dakota

06 Jul, 2023

Car registration is a necessity for drivers all over the world. It is a major requirement for every vehicle in all 50 States in the US. With car registration, a link can be easily established between a vehicle and its owner or user.

This link makes it easy for crime detection, taxation, and other important governmental purposes. In other words, the registration of your vehicle makes it known to the state and fit for public roads. The owner of an unregistered vehicle could be facing a jail term or fined in some states. Car registration is a process that contributes to a government’s repertoire of database and knowledge about residents.

The office of the Secretary of State or the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) is responsible for car registration in most states. According to Federal Law, vehicles are expected to be registered annually. In this regard, residents of South Dakota need to know how to get their vehicles registered. The following is a comprehensive expose on how to register a car in the State.

Car registration in South Dakota is easy

Yes, getting your vehicle registered in South Dakota is not rocket science. Many people across the cities and suburbs of the state do not agree with this view. But, the truth is that car registration only necessitates that you know and follow the stringent processes. Before going into that, there are a few things you need to know.

One, you have to register a vehicle that you purchased from a dealer or privately within 30 days. Usually, dealers help out in helping their customers obtain registration. But, those that purchased their vehicles privately will have to go through the stress all by themselves. If you belong to this group, this piece will show you just how to get it over with seamlessly.

Two, you need to understand that car registration is not a one-off thing. Once you register your car, you must renew it every year. This status is required before you can use the public roads. That being said, let’s get right into the processes.

The first thing to do is obtain and fill The Application for Motor Vehicle Registration form (Form MV-608). This can be done electronically, though it is advisable that you fill and submit the form in person. It is important that you know all the required information requested from you in the form. Also, you have to ensure that all the information in the form is accurate before submitting it.

You will need proof of ownership as well. This could be either the transferred certificate of title or a Manufacturer’s Certificate of Origin (MCO)/ Manufacturer’s Statement of Origin (MCO). This is essential because vehicle registration help to show its origin and history. It is equally important that you have a valid insurance policy before considering your car’s registration. In South Dakota, car insurance is compulsory.

Another form you may have to fill is the Salvage, Recovered Theft, Uniform Damage Disclosure Statement (MV-610) form. The main condition for this form is if the vehicle is under seven years and weighs less than 16,000 lbs. Also, you may need an odometer disclosure, especially if the vehicle is transferred. If you purchased the car privately, you could be asked to produce a Bill of Sale as well.

The final step is to make payment for the car registration. In South Korea, you are required to make the following payments. One, you will be requested to pay $75.60 for non-commercial cars that are below nine years old. Two, a payment of $50.40 for a non-commercial vehicle that is older than nine years is required.

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